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3D CAD details for shear force dowels and reinforcement connections – download now!

Stosowanie detali 3D CAD daje dodatkowe korzycprzewagę w wypełnieniu details is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage where international requirements in civil engineering have to be met. Various views such as plan views, side views and sectional views can be generated quickly through the realistic visualisation of a product. Possible installation problems can thus be recognised at an early stage and avoided.

Max Frank offers 3D CAD details in stl format for free download for products from the reinforcement technology area.

3D CAD details for Egcodorn® shear force dowel

3D CAD details (stl format) are available for download for the FRANK shear force dowels

  • Egcodorn® WN und WQ
  • Egcodorn® DND

product page Egcodorn® shear force dowel

Are you already familiar with our free Egcodorn software for the determination and dimensioning of shear force dowels?

 download Egcodorn Software


3D CAD details for Stabox® reinforcement connection

3D CAD details (stl format) are available for download for all Stabox® types:

  • Stabox® rebar connection system single-row
  • Stabox® S rebar connection system twin-row
  • Stabox® T rebar connection system for high shearing Forces (stirrup shape B, L und U)
  • Stabox® F reinforcement connection for watertight structures



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