Main campus of the Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen

During the modernization and expansion of the Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen the potential of the open area was perfectly used. An existing building was connected through crossings with three other existing buildings. In addition to this a roof was built over the courtyard. These measures led to a structure offering additional space for indoor facilities used in accordance with the university´s demands. The room concept gives the building a clear character – divided between existing and new parts. The 123 offices are located in the rather narrow spaced refurbished part of the building. The open areas such as the 700sqm canteen, library, 17 seminar rooms, and the forum are located in the new part.

During the planning process the acoustics were taken into consideration, and a solution suitable for thermally activated slabs was searched. The Frank product Sorp10 – a combination of spacer and absorber – convinced the designer. The absorber was already installed into the raw ceiling. A basic level of sound absorption in the open paces can be guaranteed with a minimal impact on the thermal performance of the slab. About 9500 linear meter of Sorp10 were used in an area of about 2200sqm.


Kristof Gavrielides - Headerbild

as-if architect - Renderings

Nicolas Piepenstock - Photos


Picture:Zeppelin University
charitable GmbH
Architect:as-if architects Berlin-Wien
(Paul Grundei, Stephanie Kaindl)
Building management:Stinner & von der Oelsnitz architects company mbH
Frank-producten:Sorp 10®