New Theatre, Pilsen (Czech Republic)

FRANK involved in the design of the "European Capital of Culture 2015"

With the building of the Nové divadlo (New Theatre), Pilsen prepares for the year 2015 in which the city assumes the title of "Culture Capital of Europe".
This striking new building will feature many events and performances in this special year.

The New Theatre consists of two building elements. The self-contained theatre building contains a large theatre salon with 500 seats and a small studio stage for 150 visitors. Next to this is the plant room which is linked to the actual theatre underground and by a glass walkway.

The outstanding element of the theatre building in terms of design is the front façade. The concrete slab is perforated with 40 different, organically-shaped holes and is tilted forward at an angle of 11 degrees. This architectural interpretation of a theatre curtain is 22 m high, 14 m wide and half a meter thick, making it the largest concrete sculpture in the Czech Republic.

The uneven shapes of the holes, which were designed personally by the architect, required extremely flexible and versatile formwork for the concrete facade. FRANK's Fratec® formwork made it possible for the special forms to be implemented precisely according to the preferences of the architect. Individual box-out elements made of coated polystyrene were made for each of the 40 holes and attached to the supporting formwork on site.
The formwork was then filled through 29 openings with around 100 cubic meters of concrete. The concreting took 43 hours, during which fresh concrete was delivered continually.

The Nové divadlo opened in September 2014 after a two-year construction period.


Construction period:
May 2012 – August 2014
Architect:HELIKA, a. s. - Vladimír Kružík

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