MAX FRANK Unveils Fresh New Look

Immerse yourself in the new world of MAX FRANK

Buildings have shaped the face of our world since the beginning of time. As a consequence of the big social upheavals of our time, well conceived and constructed buildings determine the quality of our working and living environments today more than ever before. They make them safe, interesting and enjoyable to live in. All of these topics necessitate intensive dialogue and the cooperation of planners, manufacturers and achievers, politicians, clients and legislators – both globally and locally.

In this context MAX FRANK has developed into an integrated building technology supplier – individual project solutions are in demand internationally and can be found in the most diverse types of structure.

It all started with a friendship

It was the friendship between the inventive technical inventor Heribert Hiendl and Max Frank senior, the charismatic businessman. Their friendship, characterised by trust, tolerance and honesty, laid the cornerstone for the special culture of solidarity that distinguishes the MAX FRANK company.

Conducting open dialog

Inspiring ideas are rarely born in isolated silos. That is why we develop individual project solutions in an open dialogue with our partners. We are using innovations in structural physics geared toward longer life cycles and sustainability and we are striving to offer more efficient processes. The ability to listen and to ask the right questions help us to get to the core of the task. Questions that penetrate to the core of the task and help to gain new insights and stake off more and more common terrain.


The revived brand makes the changing and enhancement of MAX FRANK to an efficient and future-oriented group of companies of the construction supplier industry perceptible and visible. This is possible because we build on common values and we bring people together who, together with us, believe in our dreams.

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